What exactly will I be doing during my internship?


Your work will vary depending on what the host company and you want to get out of the internship. The general description on our website will give you a good idea. You will be able to further discuss the details and what you would like to focus on as an intern during your interview with the host company. 



Where will I be living?


Housing is arranged on an individual basis. Our Country Representatives look for housing options that will work best based on where your host company is located and your personal preferences (i.e. roommate/no roommate, shared/private housing, coed/male or female only, etc.) We always place students in safe areas of the city and strive to find a location that will be a great fit for you.



Are internships paid or is there a stipend?


Internships are not paid and companies are not required to pay a stipend.



What kind of transportation will I be using?


You will use whatever local transportation you find to be most convenient. In areas where there is a subway or bus system, starter passes will be provided. Your Country Representative will guide you as to the best way to get around your host city and will be available for questions if needed.



How will I get from the airport to my housing?


Your Country Representative will meet you at the airport and accompany you to your housing. They will also accompany you back to the airport at the end of your internship period.



Are there payment options available?


Yes, we are very flexible and want to find a payment option that works best for you. Please get in touch with us for more details.



Are you a 3rd party provider?


No, we source all of our internships and have relationships with each host company.



What if I’m not fluent in the local language?


It is important that you are at least conversational in the local language if it is required for your internship. We are happy to arrange intensive language classes via Skype or in the host country prior to your internship start date to help you prepare.​

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