Don't Think - Just Do

Today I had a conversation with a fellow serial traveler that was all too familiar. I’ve had this conversation multiple times, and I always here the same statement, “I can’t understand why some people never want to leave the town they live in.” I’ve said this countless times too. It’s so cool out there! Why would everyone not be tearing the door down to get out there and travel?

I mean, if I think about it, I can come up with a few reasons: it’s intimidating, it’s different, it’s uncomfortable, it’s the unknown. I get it, we all have different personalities and some just like the familiar; they like knowing what to expect. The funny thing is, I’ve never met someone who has traveled (willingly or reluctantly) that has regretted it. They always look back fondly on their adventure and chime in with the oddities they experienced as others share stories about their travels.

You know the old saying - face your fears. If I’ve learned anything from traveling, it’s that there are more similarities than differences when it comes to people, things pretty much always work out, and there’s almost never a point in worrying, because after the fact you’ll find that there was nothing to worry about in the first place. Ok, that was three things… one learns a lot from traveling. Oh, also, don’t overpack… but that doesn’t really apply to this post.

- The more you travel, the less scary it becomes. In fact, getting that first trip under your belt is key. The rest is cake.

- If you’re the person who is afraid, face your fear.

- If you’re the person who thinks that the rest of the world has nothing to offer, don’t be naive.

- If you’re the person that doesn’t like change, a little change never hurt anyone. Learning to be flexible will make your life happier.

- If you’re the person that likes routine or security, make your first trip a guided tour where everything is planned out.

Really, the best thing to do is not think, just do. You will always talk yourself out of it if you think too much. Just sign up and think about it later, when there is no turning back. You will thank me :)


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